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Time to De-Load

It’s been a while since I last took a break from lifting, and it was stupid of myself to let myself go this long without taking a break or a de-load session from the gym.

So what are some signs that a break may be in store from the gym? If you find yourself trying to come up with excuses as to why you shouldn’t train a certain body part today, then you may need a break. If you find yourself simply exhausted and run into the ground after your second set, then a break may be in order for you.

Of course, over time you will learn when you need to schedule a break from lifting into your training schedule.

Taking this break will not only ensure that ALL of your muscles have made a full recovery from their last workout session, but it will allow your central nervous system to catch a break from the stresses of being in the gym as well. Trust me, working in a week of rest every two and a half to three months or so is beneficial to your body. Your body will thank me later.

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Whey protein and its practical uses

Whey protein is probably one of the most well-known types of protein out there, but is it the best type of protein for you to be taking? Well that depends on when you’re taking it, of course. If you’ve ever been to GNC and asked them this, then chances are they have told you that you should be taking whey protein whenever you can. I wonder why that is…

There are different types of protein powders that are currently on the market right now, and many of them have different rates in which they break down when digested and should be used to your advantage when taking them to make sure your muscles always have a supply of proper nutrients to recover.

For instance, casein protein – which comes from milk just like whey does – is a slow-digesting form of protein that should be taken right before going to bed in order to supply your muscles with protein throughout the night. Obviously taking whey protein before you go to sleep will not benefit you all night since it is completely broken down in just over an hour after digesting.

So just when should you take whey protein? Generally speaking, whey protein should be taken soon after waking up along with a carbohydrate, and also soon after you work out – again with a carbohydrate – in order to maximize its fast-digesting properties. Carbohydrates act as a “protein delivery system” and help to aide amino acids work quicker.

whey protein

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You’re Too Big When…

You know you’re getting too big when:

You flex your bicep and your sleeve ripsYou do a lat spread and the back of your shirt tearsYou have difficulty putting on your own seatbeltYou can no longer touch your right shoulder with your right handYou rip your boxers when you squatFinding dress shirts that properly fit you is a challenge because they don’t account for a larger chest and armsYou can no longer wipe your own assFitting through door ways requires you to go through side waysGetting into and out of your car is not as easy as it used to beYour BMI is off the chart because you have so much muscleYou walk by a bunch of girls and you hear them say “Oh he’s too big”You consume about 8000 calories on a light day during bulking season and still find yourself hungryYour wardrobe from last year doesn’t fit you anymoreYou need to worry about weight limits on garden furnitureYour forearms are bigger than most people’s upper armsYou can count in multiples of 45 like normal people can count in multiples of 10You can’t reach into places where normal people can put their arm inYou don’t need to use a jack to fix a flat tireYour friends and family always go to you when they need help moving somethingPutting on a winter coat is difficult because you can never quite “catch” the second sleeveTattoos you got when you weren’t as big are now distorted and say something completely differentYou max out most of the equipment in the gym. On your second setYou need a back scratcher to scratch any part of your backYou can no longer roll up your sleevesThe gym owner yells at you for bending barsThe dumb bell rack needs to be extended by another 10 feet for youYour ankles and feet suddenly hurt from the extra weight they now carryYour bicep is as big as someone’s quadricepsPeople often wonder if you have a neck connecting your body and head


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Ava Cowan Wins Overall Figure In Florida 2nd Year Running!

Congratulations Ava Cowan who last weekend won the overall figure at the Natural Fitness Universe, second year running! Ava does look the best on the day and really deserved the title. Congrats Ava!

ava cowan


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CytoSport Releases “Muscle Milk Refuel” Shot

Muscle Milk Shots

News just in, CytoSport (the makes of Muscle Milk) have just released Muscle Milk Refuel. Muscle Milk refuel is an energy shot with a twist, it also contains 5 grams of whey protein isolate. This is what I like about CytoSport, they take existing product ideas and make them better, not just clone them like some other companies.

I have tried quite a few energy shots, and being caffeine sensitive they usually result in hue amounts of energy and a BIG crash. No matter how much the bottles say no crash, I got one. I think that the new Muscle Milk Refuel shot is going to be much better for those that are sensitive to caffeine, as it contains less than half the caffeine than many other energy shots. So rather than taking one per day, you could space them out and take 1-3 and really get “hours of energy” without the crash.


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Listen To This: Layne Norton On Natural Bodybuilding Radio


Natural Bodybuilder Layne Norton has appeared once again on Natural Bodybuilding Radio, it’s a great interview and definitely worth the download if you want to learn more about the science behind natural bodybuilding.

Layne Norton, a natural pro champion bodybuilder works hard at just about everything he does. He’s not only succeeded in his own right, he’s helped scores of natural bodybuilders reach levels they never thought they could. How? Layne is interested in the science behind bodybuilding; and has incorporated cutting-edge science into his training. In fact, he’s currently working on his PhD at university of Illinois specializing in skeletal muscle protein metabolism.

Layne Norton is a pro natural bodybuilder with the IFPA & NGA.  He has a BS in Biochemistry and is a PhD Candidate in Nutritional Sciences at the University of Illinois with his area of emphasis being skeletal muscle protein metabolism.  Layne owns his own consulting business for bodybuilders and athletes called BioLayne LLC and he recently released his first DVD, “Layne Norton: Unleashed” For more information about Layne and the DVD or his services you can visit

Why do champions like Ava Cowan and scores of others swear by Layne’s training and techniques? Listen in and you’ll be impressed. You may just hop the next plane to Illinois to work with this guy!


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Monster Pump, Monster Amino, Monster Maize – Check These Out!


According to the Muscle and Strength Blog Cyto Sport have just released some new products to compliment Monster Mass and Monster Milk. The new products include a waxy maize starch powder, amino acid blend and pre-workout supp.

Here are the three new one’s I’m talking about:

I have tried Monster Milk and Monster Mass and love them both and this new line of Monster supplements looks pretty promising too. As was said on the M&S blog, this “Monster Family” would make an excellent stack. I’d definitely recommend it for those loking to gain size and muscle, it would be a good stack for ectomorphs.

If you have tried Monster Pump, Monster Amino or Monster Maize please leave your feedback in the comments. I’d like to know how they taste and especially how the Monster pump is as a pre-workout supplement (it’s $10 cheaper than SuperPump, Black Powder and No-Xplode)


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Optimum Nutrition Releases Platinum Hydrowhey!


Optimum Nutrition has just announced their latest whey protein product, Platinum Hydrowhey. This comes as big news as Optimum has been holding out on the bodybuilding community for quite some time about this release, things we’re kept very quiet! Optimum usually goes the GNC route when launching their new products, but this time internet retailers we chosen to lunch Platinum Hydrowhey to the public.

Here’s what Optimum had to say about their new Platinum Hydrowhey:

“Platinum Hydrowhey is the fastest, purest, most advanced whey protein we’ve ever developed. In a word: excellence. By hydrolyzing the protein in this premium formula we’ve created our fastest-acting whey protein yet. Hydrolyzing breaks larger proteins down into smaller pieces that are able to get into your system rapidly, enabling your muscles to start rebuilding quickly.”

Platinum Hydrowhey is not going to appeal to everyone though, it’s more expensive than most protein supplements including 100% Whey Gold Standard (also made by Optimum), and most other premium protein blends. I think Hydrowhey is really going to appeal to the serious athlete who won’t mind spending the extra cash to get the best protein product available.


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RoxyLean ECA Review: Back The Good Ol’ ECA Stack Days?

roxyleandfgsdfYesterday I tried BPI Sports RoxyLean for the first time. BPI has been banging on about RoxyLean for about 2 months now, saying it was going to “take the fat loss category by storm” (as if we haven’t heard that before). When offered a free trial pack I jumped at the opportunity. I used to love the ol’ ECA stack, NOTHING worked better for getting shredded. I’m not talking about the average overweight guy looking to drop pounds, I’m talking about dropping the last 5 pounds to get below 5% body fat for a show.

So how does RoxyLean compare to the ECA Stack?

Very well. The energy is actually better and more intense than Ephedra/Caffeine (yeah, believe it!). Don’t take this after midday, that’s how powerful it is. If you have tried 1.M.R. or RX6 and thought they were powerful, you haven’t seen anything.

The energy alone is enough to help you shed fat because your workouts will be long and intense. You will also find it easier to cut calories as RoxyLean ECA kills appetite. I was forcing myself to eat my 5 meals that day.

I give it a 5 star rating. I have not tried anything like this since Slim Xtreme (now banned) and the ECA stack days.


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RWT Insider Scoop – Scivation To Release New Pre-Workout Supplement – Quake 10.0

quakeReal Weight Training has got the inside scoop on a hot new product coming out from Scivation. The new product is called Quake 10.0 and should be available mid February. I am a huge Scivation fan and use many of their products (Whey, Xtend, Showtime) on my regular supplement schedule. I have written to Scivation president Marc Lobliner to see if I can get a tub of Scivation Quake 10.0 to review and log here on the blog. I will be posting updates if he agrees to send me one :) According to Marc, Scivation Quake 10.0 is some really powerful stuff. He’s been using it in his lead up to the Arnold show and says that “it’s really powerful stuff”.

Keep an eye out for future posts about Scivation Quake 10.0 – as I am definitely going to try it!


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