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Time to De-Load

It’s been a while since I last took a break from lifting, and it was stupid of myself to let myself go this long without taking a break or a de-load session from the gym. So what are some signs that a break may be in store from the gym? If you find yourself trying […]

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Whey protein and its practical uses

Whey protein is probably one of the most well-known types of protein out there, but is it the best type of protein for you to be taking? Well that depends on when you’re taking it, of course. If you’ve ever been to GNC and asked them this, then chances are they have told you that […]

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You’re Too Big When…

You know you’re getting too big when:You flex your bicep and your sleeve ripsYou do a lat spread and the back of your shirt tearsYou have difficulty putting on your own seatbeltYou can no longer touch your right shoulder with your right handYou rip your boxers when you squatFinding dress shirts that properly fit you […]

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Ava Cowan Wins Overall Figure In Florida 2nd Year Running!

Congratulations Ava Cowan who last weekend won the overall figure at the Natural Fitness Universe, second year running! Ava does look the best on the day and really deserved the title. Congrats Ava!  

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CytoSport Releases “Muscle Milk Refuel” Shot

News just in, CytoSport (the makes of Muscle Milk) have just released Muscle Milk Refuel. Muscle Milk refuel is an energy shot with a twist, it also contains 5 grams of whey protein isolate. This is what I like about CytoSport, they take existing product ideas and make them better, not just clone them like […]

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Listen To This: Layne Norton On Natural Bodybuilding Radio

Natural Bodybuilder Layne Norton has appeared once again on Natural Bodybuilding Radio, it’s a great interview and definitely worth the download if you want to learn more about the science behind natural bodybuilding. Layne Norton, a natural pro champion bodybuilder works hard at just about everything he does. He’s not only succeeded in his own […]

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Monster Pump, Monster Amino, Monster Maize – Check These Out!

According to the Muscle and Strength Blog Cyto Sport have just released some new products to compliment Monster Mass and Monster Milk. The new products include a waxy maize starch powder, amino acid blend and pre-workout supp. Here are the three new one’s I’m talking about: I have tried Monster Milk and Monster Mass and […]

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Optimum Nutrition Releases Platinum Hydrowhey!

Optimum Nutrition has just announced their latest whey protein product, Platinum Hydrowhey. This comes as big news as Optimum has been holding out on the bodybuilding community for quite some time about this release, things we’re kept very quiet! Optimum usually goes the GNC route when launching their new products, but this time internet retailers […]

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RoxyLean ECA Review: Back The Good Ol’ ECA Stack Days?

Yesterday I tried BPI Sports RoxyLean for the first time. BPI has been banging on about RoxyLean for about 2 months now, saying it was going to “take the fat loss category by storm” (as if we haven’t heard that before). When offered a free trial pack I jumped at the opportunity. I used to […]

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RWT Insider Scoop – Scivation To Release New Pre-Workout Supplement – Quake 10.0

Real Weight Training has got the inside scoop on a hot new product coming out from Scivation. The new product is called Quake 10.0 and should be available mid February. I am a huge Scivation fan and use many of their products (Whey, Xtend, Showtime) on my regular supplement schedule. I have written to Scivation […]

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