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You’re Too Big When…

You know you’re getting too big when:

You flex your bicep and your sleeve ripsYou do a lat spread and the back of your shirt tearsYou have difficulty putting on your own seatbeltYou can no longer touch your right shoulder with your right handYou rip your boxers when you squatFinding dress shirts that properly fit you is a challenge because they don’t account for a larger chest and armsYou can no longer wipe your own assFitting through door ways requires you to go through side waysGetting into and out of your car is not as easy as it used to beYour BMI is off the chart because you have so much muscleYou walk by a bunch of girls and you hear them say “Oh he’s too big”You consume about 8000 calories on a light day during bulking season and still find yourself hungryYour wardrobe from last year doesn’t fit you anymoreYou need to worry about weight limits on garden furnitureYour forearms are bigger than most people’s upper armsYou can count in multiples of 45 like normal people can count in multiples of 10You can’t reach into places where normal people can put their arm inYou don’t need to use a jack to fix a flat tireYour friends and family always go to you when they need help moving somethingPutting on a winter coat is difficult because you can never quite “catch” the second sleeveTattoos you got when you weren’t as big are now distorted and say something completely differentYou max out most of the equipment in the gym. On your second setYou need a back scratcher to scratch any part of your backYou can no longer roll up your sleevesThe gym owner yells at you for bending barsThe dumb bell rack needs to be extended by another 10 feet for youYour ankles and feet suddenly hurt from the extra weight they now carryYour bicep is as big as someone’s quadricepsPeople often wonder if you have a neck connecting your body and head


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