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RoxyLean ECA Review: Back The Good Ol’ ECA Stack Days?

roxyleandfgsdfYesterday I tried BPI Sports RoxyLean for the first time. BPI has been banging on about RoxyLean for about 2 months now, saying it was going to “take the fat loss category by storm” (as if we haven’t heard that before). When offered a free trial pack I jumped at the opportunity. I used to love the ol’ ECA stack, NOTHING worked better for getting shredded. I’m not talking about the average overweight guy looking to drop pounds, I’m talking about dropping the last 5 pounds to get below 5% body fat for a show.

So how does RoxyLean compare to the ECA Stack?

Very well. The energy is actually better and more intense than Ephedra/Caffeine (yeah, believe it!). Don’t take this after midday, that’s how powerful it is. If you have tried 1.M.R. or RX6 and thought they were powerful, you haven’t seen anything.

The energy alone is enough to help you shed fat because your workouts will be long and intense. You will also find it easier to cut calories as RoxyLean ECA kills appetite. I was forcing myself to eat my 5 meals that day.

I give it a 5 star rating. I have not tried anything like this since Slim Xtreme (now banned) and the ECA stack days.


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